How to Secure Data in System without Using Server

You can lose data in your system through many ways. While some data loses can be unprecedented some are our own making. Either way, there is always need you to secure data in your system in order to reduce or avoid cases of these loses. The benefits of securing data in your system include enabling you to keep your data safe from unauthorized persons, keeping the data safe from malware and securing the data for the general well being of your system.

What are the tips to securing your system’s data?

Using servers is one way of securing data in your system. However, in this article, we will focus on other means available of achieving the same. It is also important to note that securing data in your system will depend on which system it is. It can be an android, Mac or windows device. Here are some general tips:

Use strong passwords

Especially if you are using your system to run activities that are of interests to the public like schools or banks, you need to have stronger passwords. You can achieve this by making the passwords more than eight characters long, do not use a common slang or word around your surrounding (this can be easy to guess) and must incorporate most of the letters and symbols on a standard keyboard. It is also important that you change the password at least once every year. This will ensure the security of data in your system.

Create different accounts

If you share your system with other people that you may have issues with concerning your data, create various accounts. For instance, you can create an administrator account and a user account. Put all your sensitive data in your administrative account and leave the less sensitive in the user account. This will keep your data safe.

Use firewall protection

Depending on the type of your system, always ensure that its firewall on. This will prevent unauthorized access into your data. Firewall will shut down any form of malice or unusual activities that may be taking place without your permission.

Use the hide feature

If you have sensitive data, do not leave or place them in folders that are regularly accessed by various users like the computer’s desktop. Instead, if you have the “hide” feature, use it to keep your data away from the reach of many. Once you have hidden these folders, rename them with names that are only familiar to you. This secures your data from unwanted persons because it is not easy to access them.


Data security in your system is very important. Some of the ways through which you can secure your data include protecting them with passwords, creating various accounts and keeping the data in places that are hard to access.