This is a commonly asked question. Many people find themselves in a situation where they may have accidentally deleted the wrong file and they would want to spare themselves from having to get typing all over again. Deleted data recovery is possible in some cases and in others you are out of luck and you will need to get typing again or just say goodbye to that information.

If you are using a computer connected to a server, then the good news is that it is probable that all the data you save is backed up and even when you have deleted it on your computer, there is a chance that it can be traced and restored. In some cases though you may have permanently deleted it and so it is not possible to recover it.

The server usually makes backups once every day. If you are trying to recover a deleted file, you will need to go to the left hand option of the folder and then select the previous version of that file, you can identify it from the date or if you have the name you will be able to identify it on the backup folder and then you can either copy it or restore it to the computer, this is pretty similar to the way you would recover a deleted file from your recycle bin. You should however know which version you want to restore because if changes were made to the file today and you restore a version from last week, you will end up without the changes made to the file today.

Alternatively, there is software that you can purchase and use on the server to trace deleted data. X-Ways Davory is one such software which you can run directly on the server to recover the deleted data. This however has its limitations especially if you have data compression or encryption running on your servers.

Another way would be to call in the experts. Sometimes the situation may be beyond an ordinary users ability or you may not have sufficient access to the server so it is best to call in the experts and explain your predicament and they will find the best solution for you. The experts usually spend a lot of time learning new techniques and so what you may fail to achieve, they may be able to using the latest technology. If the experts however say they cannot help, then you may be doomed.