At present days, there are vital of computer crimes happening around. People have got one sole question can it be stopped forever? But in reality they can be stopped forever and even the root cause can be found with the help of Computer forensics. It is the evident information which shows that data is stolen from certain destination. It gives the access for people to find the real masked thief who is hiding behind IP address.

Computer Forensic

Internet frauds

There is so much increase of frauds at internet present days. People must keep their information safe without risking their personal and other information. Cyber stalking or even gathering information about people are becoming high at present stages. The reasons behind it may be thousands but it is very bad to stalk or steal information with the help of internet. Internet was found for the better usage of beneficial activities but to the opposite it is a place where all kinds of thefts and frauds are living in majestic thrones. To wipe that off, digital forensics helps with some of the genuine techniques. The forensics in digital has got five important stages such as

  • Preservation
  • Identification
  • Extraction
  • Documentation
  • Interpretation

This all refers to computer data. A data is a collection of information or set of files. When a bankruptcy happens, the digital forensics should give the right solution for the happening and at present internet serves as the best way to find the loopholes at systems.

Evidences of truth

They are especially used as evidences of truth. They help to bring truth to broad daylight. So many cases were proved to be genuine with the help of information which is identified with the help of digital data since 1980. Some of the truth winning cases include

  • Finding the BTK killer
  • Joseph E. Duncan III
  • Cracking the case of Sharon Lopatka

These are some of the winning cases which happened with the help of online forensics. There are lots of cross analysis, live analysis and more methods involved in forensics for extracting the real data. To retrieve complete information about any of the illegal access, there must be an uninterrupted power supply for the device which is performing the forensic search. It is very important for people to stay alert for saving their passwords and other details because internet is a place of complications. Save your data with high levels of security for staying in safe zone.