Having duplicated file copies of your business most important or confidential information backed up in a certain remote location assures you of data protection in case of disaster. Files could be lost through both physical and software disasters such as failure of the hard drive, virus infection, physical damage to the computer and theft among others. Therefore regular backing up of data for protection either in soft or hard drives is important for protection of data in servers. Soft and hard drives in servers require continuous protection of data method which is more cost-effective compared to the incremental traditional backups.

Continuous protection of data is a backup method which entails short time intervals and high performance data backup with no impact on disk or server performance. For this type of data protection mode, after a backup, only changed files and documents will get saved. Data protection in both hard and soft drives in servers is important using continuous protection of data mode for the following reasons:

  1. Cut on data loss cases.

Loss of data stored in server drives can endanger seriously the activities of your business. Data protection in both soft and hard drives in servers is important in preventing any loss of data in cas of any disaster that might lead to data loss. For instance, is you use continuous protection of data method of backup, data is backed up continuously within short intervals. Therefore, in case of any disaster in such drives, data will be recovered easily from the last minute backup.

  1. Server performance.

Since your system only needs to access the data file parts which have been altered rather than the whole set of data when a backup is run, with this method, the performance of the server is not affected at all. This enables running of backups with no worry of weekly or nightly backups frustrations.

  1. Save on disk space.

With continuous protection of data mode, full back up of the data is performed once and following backups only recycle the former data and perform some changes only. If you also would like to have a snapshot of how the server looked after each backup you can as well keep it. The method of backing up keeps only minimum data amounts in storage which represent specific sectors of the disk.

  1. Regulations outbreak.

Recently, most countries all over the world have started implementing newly set regulations pertaining electronic communications and stored data. Laws on protection of data are already available and they are beneficial to enterprises, institutions and anything that deals with data requiring protection. Noncompliance to such set regulations attracts harsh penalties. The regulations generally describe information type to be retained, period of retaining and any conditions behind the two descriptions. Additionally, the regulations also ensure information privacy is included in the files, databases and documents.